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Need New Operating Model? You have Got Us

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Take Advantage of our Digitisation, Construction Company. Partnering in construction.

Need New Operating Model? You have Got Us

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Construction and Project Management

Ivectorgroup is one of leading company in construction and industrial engineering. We make long-term investments goal in companies in different sectors. We provide cost-effective cost solutions. Few can match for our promise to safety and commitment to your project development. We offer the cleanest line of services with latest technology, equipment. We offer variety of construction services such as construction and project management, civil engineering and electrical services.

Ivectorgroup has completed a number of construction and industrial projects. With a long list of products and never ending customer support we are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients

Why choose this service

 1. Phase 1- Project initiation

We meet with the client for project briefing then do feasibility studdies for the proposed project

2. Phase 2- Project Management Planning

We plan, prepare and develop programs, schudules, and determine budget for the proposed project

3. Phase 3- Project Manage Execution

We build deliverables that satisfy our client, allocate resources and keep our team members focused through out the execution phase

4. Phase 4- Project Monitoring and control

We monitor and control project to ensure that the work is done on time and on budget

5. Phase 5- Project Management closure

We close the project after completion of the project, communicate completion of the project to other stakeholder and witness site hand-over to the client by the contactor

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Getting quality Industrial Care with Ivectorgroup is easier than ever.
Let us treat your loved ones like family!

We strive to deliver projects of good quality on time at a reasonable price.


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